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5/05/2019 12:04 am  #1

90 minute

Eddie will always be Eddie.  Vanderhoof big fan but man you blocked st John 6-7x


5/05/2019 12:07 am  #2

Re: 90 minute

Also Eddie Pitted and only lost one lap? Donnie Murphy is going to be in victory lane one day. Roberts just needs to let Basham run Crain killed that. Conner hit the brakes onece every 10 laps can’t expect every car to give you the cross

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5/05/2019 1:40 am  #3

Re: 90 minute

It was very easy to tell Conner wasn't going to last very long after he took the lead. He was really fast but he was racing like it was a 50 lap race and even didn't even make it that far.


5/05/2019 9:57 am  #4

Re: 90 minute

Donnie drove the cleanest race of everyone there and drove smart with enough car to win it. Just does not get cut the brakes like others. Smith doesnt pull in front of a Tunny running 2nd, but does Murphy. Eddie did nothing wrong at the end as all 3 were banging. Ronnie caused the wreck with Crain... not the other way around. RB3 was bent out of shape trying to catch Donnie and lost his patience.


5/05/2019 1:55 pm  #5

Re: 90 minute

Where do you sit again? Eddie 3 times bodyslammed it into turn 1 and 2 against mark. When Eddie got caught in traffic and mark got under him he pushed him down to where mark had to slam the brakes when they were door to door where he would of had to cut the corner if he didnt brake once Eddie dropped to 3rd with 3 minutes left he body slammed Jessie going into one that’s why Jessie pushed it harder because of that. Jesse got under Eddie right in one again Eddie pushed him down and either Jesse said eff it and fought back or there tired touxhed and jumped Jesse on top of him.  Eddie would of finished 2nd if he didn’t do a half lap when that happened. Now Murphy is going to have a hug yr Eddie did the same thing to him about 30 mins left and Donnie did it back and Eddie tried spinning him.  I agree with the basham deal but this is 2 crains caught in.  Any word on Harmon and Dg?  We keep saying every BIG race that was a great race I wouldn’t of asked for a better finish

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