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8/06/2018 11:23 am  #1

3 Hour Rumors

Wondering if anyone knew of any rumors....

Zach Larson is supposed to coming this from Wahington with the Gundersons.

Will Charlie Hargraves be out there?

Will John Connors ride sell or will he run it?

What car will Doug Greig be in?


Vanderhoof coming? Is Nick Moores T8 his old one?

Who will be purchasing Nick Moores Moose car?

We gonna get both Nortons?

Heard Crain might have something up his sleeve.

Will Gerald Poe be running in his recently acquired Outlaw?


8/08/2018 12:46 pm  #2

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

Doug will be in a brand new greig car that should be debuting soon...

I believe Larry hahn may have aquired a car also , maybe he got the Moore moose car or whoever bought it is putting him in it...not sure on what car he has.

I don't think Dossey will be running but nothing is ever 100 percent

I will have to start my annual deck of cards probably in the next week or two... hopefully some of these rumors will clear up in time for that


8/08/2018 3:14 pm  #3

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

I agree 100% dosseyfan because as of right now there about 30 entered and I would say you could expect 20 more.

Hard to a Deck of Cards when 40% of the field is unknown.

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8/09/2018 11:20 am  #4

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

Another rumor is that Puckett might have a car...

Garrigus is seeking Jacob's 07 machine race ready as well.

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8/09/2018 12:06 pm  #5

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

Someone will be in the 07 even if it’s a loaner Kevin will help the field


8/09/2018 12:16 pm  #6

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

Puckett does have a car...they I think just need to finish it up...he is a good possibility.

The 07 will probably sale but dk if whoever buys it will run especially if a rookie.

Conner's car is it has already went to Washington.


8/09/2018 2:55 pm  #7

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

Does Puckett have Jeff Harmons old car? I know he did have it, but thought he sold it.

I believe Carlson got the Connor ride and I dont believe he plans on running it.

Not nearly as much chatter as in years past as of right now.

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8/09/2018 5:37 pm  #8

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

Hawk can answer the questions about Puckett better than I....

Dg4 off the last list I saw also...


8/09/2018 5:40 pm  #9

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

Looks like vanderhoof is in the Jeremy Miller 52 car


8/10/2018 9:01 am  #10

Re: 3 Hour Rumors

What happened to the Martel car I forgot


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