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4/02/2018 10:04 am  #1

2018 Pictures Part 2

The original thread was locked so here is Eric Hodgkins Outlaw Figure car he purchased from Artie.







4/02/2018 1:42 pm  #2

Re: 2018 Pictures Part 2


4/02/2018 4:21 pm  #3

Re: 2018 Pictures Part 2

Where does this car run at? Cali?


4/02/2018 7:32 pm  #4

Re: 2018 Pictures Part 2

I thought the guy who bought it lived up in the NE corner of the US somewhere, Maine? Massachusetts? who the heck knows where he will run this at 


4/02/2018 8:47 pm  #5

Re: 2018 Pictures Part 2

He is from Maine, but plans on making it down a few times this year to get ready for the 3 Hour.

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4/03/2018 8:39 pm  #6

Re: 2018 Pictures Part 2

Ok I fogot all about this guy. It will be cool if he makes it down here for a few races and the 3 Hour. 


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